Inspire Graduate Development Programme (IGDP)

In keeping with INSPIRE’s core focus on community development through education, an initiative was launched in 2017 to support the undergraduates who received Inspire’s financial assistance. The initiative is in the form of a personal development programme that is shaped through mentorship and other relevant activities that will focus on three key areas:

  1. Coaching, guidance and monitoring to ensure that the undergraduates consistently excel in their studies in the university.
  2. Work closely with the undergraduates in their final year to pave the way for career development.
  3. Once they start working, close the loop by ensuring that this group plays an integral role and acts as a role model to other potential undergraduates.

Mentors & Mentees who were recipients of IFA 2016 and IFA 2017 have already been identified in the respective regions. Though the response has been slow in some institutions, we hope that the IGDP will gain momentum in 2018 as the number of IFA recipients is steadily increasing. Inspire also hopes that members of the society will play more active roles in this programme by volunteering their services.