Zero Operating Cost

‘Mey’, meaning TRUTH in Tamil, the origin which can be traced to Sumerotamil, has been the guiding light for Inspire to embark on ‘zero operating cost’ ( ZOC) model in running Inspire Society.

While it may sound impossible and ridiculous to run an organization without any cost, the founding members felt that it is possible.

So, we came up with the mechanism where every sen donated to Inspire will be used for charity. We will not touch a single sen for any other purpose except charity. And with regards to the cost involved in running Inspire, such as mileage, rental of premise, transport, food etc etc, either the committee members or members absorb it. For example, during our meet the students session, one of our committee members paid for food. During our AGM, another committee member paid for the expenses incurred for premise rental and food. By doing so, the donation given to Inspire is never used for its operating expenditure.

We in Inspire hold this principle dearly. And this principle is not just for lip service. We mean it. Our accounts are all open for scrutiny where every sen is accounted for.

We believe in Truths. As what Meykandar said, ‘ If you want to see the TRUTHS, you got to be truthful to yourself.

Join us in our journey , the Inspire journey’ , in inspiring many young lives!