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INSPIRE Financial Assistance (IFA)

INSPIRE Society was formed by a group of concerned USM Indian Graduates to help the needy Indian students through Inspire Financial Assistance (IFA) which was launched in 2016. IFA project is launched on an annual basis to offer financial assistance to needy Malaysian Indian students from B40 income group who have gained entry into a local public university for a particular intake year.

A sum of not exceeding RM 3,000.00 per student will be awarded to successful applicants to help with their initial entrance fees, expenses and to ease the financial burden while waiting for the PTPTN loan to be released.


1. Malaysian Indian student from B40 income group with a monthlyhousehold income less than RM4000.

2. Have been offered placement for a degreecourse in local public university for the Intake Year (Note: First Year/First degree Only))

3. Having difficulties paying the initial University Entrance Fees and expenses.

4. Have NOT obtained any financial assistance from other parties or organisations.

Studentswho fulfill the above criteria may submit their application using the link that will be released on annual basis.

Application for IFA2023 is currently closed. For any enquiries on financial assistance, please contact us.

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