Past Event IFA 2018


Greetings. Welcome to IFA 2018. First, let me give you a brief overview of Inspire and its activities. Back in 2014, a small group of Indian graduates from Universiti Sains Malaysia got together and decided to do something meaningful for the less fortunate in our Indian community. That was when we first conceptualized the idea of a society dedicated to providing financial assistance to needy students trying to pursue their education to the tertiary level. With the support of more Indian graduates of USM, INSPIRE was officially formed on the 5th of February 2015 with the primary objective to provide financial assistance for educational purposes to underprivileged students from the Indian community. My dear friends, in the past two years, Inspire has done quite a bit to help the needy in our community, particularly in the field of education. Two years ago, we started an initiative which we named ‘INSPIRE Financial Assistance’, or IFA 2016. We managed to collect RM81000 and distributed the amount to 39 students to help with their initial expenses at the university. For IFA2017 I am pleased to say that the Inspire members, with the help of some kind-hearted souls, managed to collect RM114000 which was disbursed to 55 students. We are currently looking into other types of community service like orphanage support and educational programmes for adolescents.

Some committee members and members of Inspire.