Past Event IFA 2020


Inspire’s flagship project IFA 2020 surpassed all the previous collections by netting a total amount of RM273,678.17. In total, 434 donors contributed to the IFA2020. RM243,500.00 was disbursed to 157 students, which included 6 students from the University appeal cases.

Due to the RMCO, the “Meet the Students” programme was decentralized and conducted at 8 locations: Kuala Lumpur/Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Malacca, Johor, Perak, Penang, Pahang and Kedah. Pictures of the recipients at the various locations are displayed below.

The Inspire committee would like to express its gratitude to the Inspire members, associate members and well-wishers for their tireless effort and generosity.

PAHANG - VENUE: Greenleaf Hotel Kuantan Total Recipients: 2, Committee Rep: Rajaghantham, PIC: Mr Mahendran, Pravin (IFA2019)

MELAKA - Venue: Bgn Gujarati Vanik Sangh, Bandar Hilir, Melaka

Total Recipients: 7, Committee Rep: Ariwalagan, PIC: Ravi Other Inspirers that attended: Ponniah, Michael, Jacintha, Ravi Thirupathi, Raku

NEGERI SEMBILAN – Venue: Wisma Ceylonese Hall, Seremban

Total Recipients: 24, Committee Rep: Param, PIC: Ambiga Other Inspirers that attended: Malar, Sheela, Prasanth, Jaya Shankar, Veianthan (IFA2016)

KEDAH - Venue: Sri Subramaniya Swami Devasthanam Hall

Total Recipients: 14, Committee Rep – Kuhan, assisted by Sumitha, PIC: Ganesh & Magaletchimy Other Inspirers that attended: Gopal Kannan, Jegaathiswari (IFA2016) & Rinushlaadewi (IFA2018)

PERAK - Venue: Murugan Temple Sg Siput Total Recipients: 37, Committee Reps: Shanmugam & Vasanthi, PIC: Kumaran, Other Inspirers that attended: Rajendran, Junior Rajendran, Viswa, Kumaram, Gevari, Meena Kumari, Dr. Prabagaran, Sita, Devaki (IFA2016) & Deven Kumar (IFA2017)

PENANG - Venue: Wisma Shri Gujarati (Gujarati Samaj) Total Recipients: 17, Committee Reps: Kumanan, Gopal & Karpagam, PIC: Kumanan, Other Inspirers that attended: Priyaa Tharisiny Aruldass, Sharon Ebigail Amladass (IFA2017), Sathiaseelan (IFA2017), A. Gaayatheri (IFA2019), Harikumar Kumaran (IFA2019) & Arwinghanesh(IFA2019)

SELANGOR & KL - Venue: Gujarati Association Hall Total Recipients: 31, Committee Reps: Dipak, Ravi V, Keamalatha, PIC: Kala, Other Inspirers that attended: Tamilselvi, Saroja, Elaveni, Raventharan, Jayakumar, Sutha, Lakshmi Nokanaidu, Sumangala, Nathan, Prasath, Harshana & Manjulla(IFA2016), Logananthini & Trisha(IFA2019)